We specialise in providing tailored facials that cater to your specific concerns and goals. If you're unsure which facial is right for you, don't worry – we're here to guide you through the process. When you book a facial with us, we'll take the time to sit down and have a comprehensive consultation to discuss your lifestyle, concerns, issues, and desired outcomes. We believe in a holistic approach, considering not only your skin type but also factors such as stress levels, diet, and environmental exposure.

Book yourself in now and don’t worry about the details. We have a skin treatment for every single skin concern whether it be anti ageing, dry, dehydrated, oily, acne, teenage issues, pregnancy , post pregnancy, sun spots, pigment, tired dull and uneven skin, scarring or anything else possible.

Please allow 60 mins.

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Skin needling

We use a skin needling device paired with LED to create small micro-punctures to the face which stimulates collagen production and cellular turnover leading to smoother, firmer and more toned skin. 

Our goal is to treat and over time get rid of:

  • Clearing Sun Damage and Pigmentation
  • Reducing Fines Lines and Wrinkles
  • Targeting Acne Scarring
  • Refining Large Pores
  • Evening Skin Texture
  • Eliminating Stretch Marks and pigment irregularity

    Step by step home care will be suggested after our session to ensure the BEST results. A take home kit will be given to you at the end of your appointment.

Facial Cupping

Facial cupping is a beauty treatment that involves using small suction cups to massage and stimulate the skin on the face and neck. During a facial cupping session, the cups are applied to the skin and moved around in gentle, circular motions, creating a vacuum that lifts the skin and promotes blood flow.
Facial cupping is said to have several potential benefits for the skin, including:

1. Improving circulation: The suction created by the cups can help increase blood flow to the skin, which can help bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

2. Reducing puffiness: The vacuum effect of the cups can help drain excess fluid from the face, which can reduce puffiness and improve the appearance of under-eye bags.

3. Stimulating collagen production: Facial cupping can help stimulate collagen production, which can improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that involves using a scalpel or a specialized tool to gently exfoliate the outermost layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair (commonly known as "peach fuzz") from the face. It is a form of exfoliation similar in theory to microdermabrasion but without the use of suction or abrasive crystals. Dermaplaning is generally considered safe and suitable for most skin types, including sensitive skin.  

Home care will be suggested after our session to ensure the BEST results.

LED Light Therapy

LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapy is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses different wavelengths of light to improve various skin conditions. LED light therapy can help to stimulate the production of collagen, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.

Here are some specific benefits of LED therapy for the skin:

Anti-aging: LED therapy can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen production. Collagen is a protein that provides elasticity and firmness to the skin.

Acne treatment: LED therapy can help to reduce inflammation and kill the bacteria that cause acne. Blue light is particularly effective in treating acne.

Hyperpigmentation: LED therapy can help to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation (dark spots) by breaking down the excess melanin in the skin.

Wound healing: LED therapy can promote healing and reduce inflammation in the skin, making it beneficial for wound healing.

Rosacea: LED therapy can help to reduce the redness associated with rosacea by reducing inflammation.

The Modern Man Facial

Facials are not just for women - men can benefit from them too! In our time together I will properly diagnose what is going on with your skin. We will consult, I will make a treatment plan and proceed with a luxe facial for you and then I will help you with suggested home care.

Step by step home care will be suggested after our session to ensure the BEST results.

Teenage SKYN

When it comes to skin treatments for teenagers, it's important to focus on gentle and non-invasive options that are appropriate for younger, more sensitive skin. After our initial consult, I will choose the most suitable treatment, explain the treatment whilst it maybe a peel, LED session or a Microdermabrasion and help with home care. 

Step by step home care will be suggested after our session to ensure the BEST results.

Pregnancy/Breastfeeding Safe

A pregnancy or breastfeeding safe facial is a facial treatment that is specially designed to be safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, women need to be cautious about the skincare products and treatments they use.
A pregnancy or breastfeeding safe facial typically avoids the use of harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and other potentially harmful ingredients. Instead, it uses gentle, natural ingredients that are safe for both the mother and baby.

The facial includes gentle cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing. Some facial treatments may also incorporate the use of facial massage to promote relaxation and reduce stress.
It's important to note that every pregnancy and breastfeeding experience is unique, and what works for one woman may not work for another.

Step by step home care will be suggested after our session to ensure the BEST results.