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Illuminate Your Skin's Potential with All Skyn's LED Light Therapy

At All Skyn, we're not just about treatments; we're about revolutionising skincare. 

Our LED Light Therapy service embodies this spirit, offering a ground breaking solution for those seeking luminous, healthy skin.

The Power of LED Light Therapy 

Discover the magic of LED Light Therapy with All Skyn.

Our advanced light-based treatment energises skin cells, tackling concerns from acne to aging with precision and gentle care.

We understand your skin's uniqueness. That's why our LED Light Therapy plans are tailored specifically for you, promising personalised results that highlight your natural beauty.

elasticity & firmness

Youthful Resilience:

Watch as your skin regains its youthful elasticity and firmness.


soft & supple

Texture Transformation:

Smooth out the rough edges of your skin's texture, revealing a soft, supple surface.



 Scar Reduction:

Diminish the visibility of scars and imperfections, unveiling a flawless complexion.



Radiant Glow:

Illuminate your skin from within, with a radiance that speaks volumes of your skin’s health.


Commitment Beyond Care

Post-treatment, we equip you with the knowledge and tips to maintain your skin's vibrancy, ensuring lasting results and continuous skin health and always rebook your next appointment to guarantee results.

Hear from Our Happy Clients

Be inspired by the real-life transformations and heartfelt testimonials of those who've experienced the wonders of LED Light Therapy at AllSkyn.Our online reviews speak for themselves.

Safety, Comfort, Trust

At All Skyn, your safety and comfort are paramount. 

Our clinic adheres to the highest standards of safety, with treatments conducted by certified professionals in a serene, hygienic environment.

Embark on Your Skin Transformation

Eager to uncover the best version of your skin? Reach out to us for a bespoke consultation. Let's start this journey together, where your skin's beauty shines as brightly as your spirit.



Is LED Light Therapy Safe?

LED Light Therapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment with minimal risks. 

It's suitable for most skin types and does not require downtime.

How Long Does a Session Last?

A typical LED Light Therapy session lasts between 20 to 30 minutes, making it a convenient option even for those with busy schedules.

What Skin Conditions Can LED Light Therapy Treat?

This therapy is effective for acne, aging signs, pigment, dullness, tired skin and improving overall skin tone and texture. 

It's versatile and can be tailored to address specific skin concerns.

Will I Feel Any Pain During Treatment?

LED Light Therapy is painless. Clients may experience a warm sensation, but there's no discomfort associated with the treatment.Most people take a nap!

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The number of sessions varies depending on your skin condition and goals. A series of treatments is typically recommended for the best results.All facials include a LED session unless requested not to.

Can LED Light Therapy Be Combined With Other Treatments?

Yes, it can be an excellent complement to other skincare treatments, enhancing their effectiveness and results.

What Should I Expect After Treatment?

Post-treatment, there's no downtime. Some may notice immediate radiance, while others will see improvements gradually with regular sessions.